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I'm using Kubuntu 12.04 (NetworkManager  I have
Ethernet link connected to LAN all the time (eth0) and want to use my
Android phone from time to time (usb0) for direct Internet access.

I have created two custom connections for both links for better
connection compatibility with each other. Also I have bound each
connection to a MAC address, so each device got its own settings.

The problem is: my phone assigns new MAC address to its tethering
device (usb0) on every reboot. So I have to update phone connection
settings each time.

To automate things I've created udev rule that fires on phone attach
and updates MAC address in connection file.  This works mostly except
the first time. Looks like there is a race conditions and
NetworkManager didn't notice connection file update. In result, it
cannot match new phone MAC address to custom connection and starts
automatic connection which does not work as I expect.

Can somebody direct me to NetworkManager API that allow me update
connection settings before it start choosing connection and configure
an attached device?


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