Re: Grrrr ... dhcpd6

On 10/01/2012 06:33 PM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
One of the problems I see is that, while there are a couple of viable dchp servers out there, where the ISC server is suppose to be the industrial strength one, dhclient seems to be the only client for the linux/*bsd/Unix systems.

I wonder if there is interest in reviving the defunct dhcpv6c effort?

If you mean then no.
It was also one-guy effort and David Cantrell stopped the development immediately after ISC dhcp-4.1.0 was released.

Yes, there is dribbler but that seems like a one-guy effort and I do not see much support for it ... yes, dnsmasq is another one-guy effort but it also is popluar and has other people fixing things and submitting patches.

I have no experience with Dibbler, but I believe it's a good implementation because Tomasz Mrugalski is very active on dhcwg at

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