Re: GSM dongle fails to connect

>> Which modem is this? If it's a Huawei modem, your issue may be known
>> (wrong tty used for data).
> It is Huawei (initial vid/pid 12d1:1c0b, then switched to 12d1:1c08 by
> usb_modeswitch). But the thing is that the driver exposes 2 ttys, and
> both of them respond. I successfully connected with screen directly and
> sent some AT commands and got back the response.
> I know that ModemManager tries to do auto detection - because usually
> only one tty should respond and probably ModemManager relies on this for
> detecting the "valid" tty. Given the fact that both ttys respond, I have
> no idea how one of them is picked as "good".

There are different ways of detecting which port is to be used for
control and which for data. In some huawei modems we base the logic on
the GETPORTMODE result.

>> I would try to grab both ModemManager and NetworkManager debug logs. See
>> the "Debugging NetworkManager 0.8 and 0.9 3G connections" section at
> Thanks! I had done that already, but I'm not sure about the mailing list
> policy. Is it ok to post back on the list and include it as an
> attachment? It's around 60k (or 7k if I gzip it).

Just reply with the ModemManager debug log attached, that's ok.


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