Re: NM Roaming

On Thu, 2012-04-26 at 17:48 -0300, James Coggan wrote:
> Guys,
> is it possible to decrease the scan time on nm? i have a linux box
> that does alot of roaming, about 20 AP, it takes quite a while to
> change to the AP with better signal, about 2min, can i change this
> time to 30 seconds ?
> I have searched alot around and nothing to be found, i dont mind
> recompiling if i have to, just need to make the roaming more friendly
> If i move too fast, the signal drops before i get switched to a good
> signal ap

If you're using a recent wpa_supplicant (1.0 or later), the supplicant's
'nl80211' driver, and a kernel wifi driver that supports nl80211, NM
0.9.2 and later should be using the background scanning functionality to
make the roaming experience a lot better.  In this configuration the
supplicant will trigger a scan whenever the connection with the
associated AP drops below a specific threshold, and it will also perform
an optimized background scan periodically.  So given all that, what
version of the supplicant, what version of NM, what kernel, what wifi
driver, etc?


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