Re: Fonts used in systray applet

On Thu, 2012-06-14 at 23:09 +0200, Marco wrote:
> Hi,
> I connect to several networks that SSID contain characters that are
> not present in the used font and I see only squares with some
> numbers. I'd like to change this.
> This happens when I hover over the network manager icon in the
> systray and the information bubble pops up:
> Wireless network connection '□□□□□□ 1' active: □□□□□□ (82%)
> and also in the “available” list when I am *not* connected to a
> network. When I am connected, the entry is bold and I see the
> correct name. I assume that the bold font has a better coverage then
> the regular font.
> My question: Which fonts are used for the tool tip that appears
> while hovering over the systray icon and in the “Available” list?

The fonts used depend on Pango and freetype.  The applet simply attempts
to convert the SSID (which *isn't* a string, but a random 32-byte array)
into something readable and then sends it to Gtk, which draws it using
Pango and freetype.  So the issue might be either the applet's
conversion of the random 32-byte array of the SSID into something
possibly readable, or it could be your font.

What language is this SSID supposed to be in, and what is your LANG
environment variable set to?  The applet checks LANG on the hope that
the SSID might be encoded in that language.  Again, the problem with
SSIDs is that they aren't strings, and we have no idea what encoding
they are in, since that's not part of any WiFi specification.  So this
is a really gray area.

One thing to check; if you run:

 nmcli dev wifi list iface wlan0

do the SSIDs print out OK there?


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> network-manager
> GNOME 3.4.2 with awesome 3.4.12 as window manager
> Marco
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