Re: Fonts used in systray applet

On 2012-06-15 Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:

> > My question: Which fonts are used for the tool tip that appears
> > while hovering over the systray icon and in the “Available” list?
> The fonts used depend on Pango and freetype.  The applet simply attempts
> to convert the SSID (which *isn't* a string, but a random 32-byte array)
> into something readable and then sends it to Gtk, which draws it using
> Pango and freetype.  So the issue might be either the applet's
> conversion of the random 32-byte array of the SSID into something
> possibly readable, or it could be your font.
> What language is this SSID supposed to be in, and what is your LANG
> environment variable set to?

Thanks for the explanation.

The SSID I connect to is Cyrillic, the other SSIDs contain probably
chinese or japanese (I don't care about those, and I assume that's a
font issue). Other European SSIDs (Swedish and Polish special
characters) display fine.


> The applet checks LANG on the hope that the SSID might be encoded
> in that language.

My system language is not at all related to the one used in the
wireless networks. But I agree, in general it would have been a good

> One thing to check; if you run:
>  nmcli dev wifi list iface wlan0
> do the SSIDs print out OK there?

nmcli dev wifi list displays the Cyrillic SSIDs perfectly.

I didn't know that command. That's a simple way to verify that I'm
connected to the correct network. I will use that as a work around,
it's better then to count the number of squares.


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