Re: ZTE MF192 3G Modems

>>>>> On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 9:25 PM, Brian Gitonga Marete <marete toshnix com> wrote:
>>>>>> Hello all,
>>>>>> I have the same (or very similar) ZTE MF192 modem referred to by
>>>>>> Dmitry Morozhnikov here:
>>>>>> My modem is supplied by Orange Kenya, for use in their Orange Internet
>>>>>> 3G service.
>>>>>> In summary, it also does NOT work for me with MM/NM out of the box.
>>>>>> What is more, the patch suggested by Dmitry in the mail thread
>>>>>> referenced above suffices at least establish an Internet connection
>>>>>> that is fully usable.
>>>>>> Wvdial works well with this MF192 device, and attached is my wvdial
>>>>>> config as wvdial.conf. I have also attached wvdial.log, so that you
>>>>>> can see what wvdial uses to successfully drive it.
>>>>>> I was also able to capture a USB trace (using Wireshark) of windows
>>>>>> driving the modem from within a Virtualbox VM. I think this will allow
>>>>>> you to develop full support for this modem. The capture trace reflects
>>>>>> all traffic to/from the modem from hotplug to a short time after I
>>>>>> successfully "connect" from withing the Windows program. Please see
>>>>>> the attachment zte-mf192.cap.xz for this captured trace. View it from
>>>>>> Wireshark.
>>>>>> Also attached are the files modem-manager.log and network-manager.log,
>>>>>> showing the log of a failed connection attempt (before applying the
>>>>>> patch referenced above). Please also see lsusb.txt for USB ID details
>>>>>> about my modem.
>>>>>> One last thing: I can confirm that, as in Dmitry case, the AT commands
>>>>>> ZPAS? and ZSNT=1,0,0 do not seem to work on this modem. (And, in fact,
>>>>>> I don't see them in the Windows trace (zte-mf192.cap.xz) which
>>>>>> contains many AT commands to the modem.
>>>>>> If I had a better idea about the structure/architecture of MM, I might
>>>>>> be able to help better, with actual code :)
>>>>>> Please let me know if you need any further information.
>>>>>> Thanks!
>>>> Hello, Brian!
>>>> Recently, I wrote to this list about ZTE MF192. I got it to work with
>>>> dhclient, see my previous messages:
>>>> and
>>>> Please, can you try my patches, and confirm them to work, or not.
>>> Hello Alexander,
>>> Thanks for your email!
>>> Unfortunately, the MF192 I have does not present with a
>>> pseudo-ethernet interface. Just the ttyACM* interfaces.  Dmitry
>>> Morozhnikov patch works for me. Do you have a suggestion that can help
>>> me expose a pseudo-ethernet interface if the device has one? Also,
>>> note that my device has the ID: 19d2:1519, and the latest
>>> usb_modeswitch data packages switches it to a device with ID:
>>> 19d2:1519.
>> Hello Alexander,
>> Sorry, I meant to say that my MF192 has ID 19d2:1517 initially and is
>> switched to a device with ID 19d2:1519 by usb_modeswitch.
>> Sorry about the confusion!
> Hello all,
> With regard to the above, is Dmitry's patch acceptable, or does it
> need some work (I am happy to do such work).

Dmitry's patch forces this specific modem to get connected with a
generic ATD call and PPP. But the modem supports Icera commands, and it
should better get connected using the built-in wwan interface. The
problem seems to be that the kernel doesn't export any wwan interface
here, so there's some work to be done likely there. Once the kernel
exports the wwan interface, I guess we should be able to connect with
the Icera subset of commands nicely.

Dan, in the mean time, why don't we just check in _is_icera() if we have
a net port grabbed and if we don't, just warn and go on with the
Icera-less implementation?


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