Re: [MM] Handling devices with multiple QMI ports

>> > Can you take a look at the following patches to see if they are enough to handle
>> > the devices with multiple QMI ports? Not sure if the udev logic to find the
>> > matching QMI port of a given WWAN port is correct or not.
>> >
>> > The general idea with multiple bearers is that you can create as many bearers
>> > as data ports you have; and then, when connecting each of them we'll just look
>> > for the first non-connected data port and use that. Note that bearers are not
>> > matched with specific data ports until the connection is fired. In the QMI case,
>> > once we have a non-connected data port, we'll look for the associated QMI port
>> > to use for WDS.
> Looks very good:

Great! Thanks for checking. Will push them later today.


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