Re: 'usb' --> 'usbmisc' transition (was: Re: [MM qmi-support] "Set Operating Mode" on shutdown and more..)

On Tue, 2012-08-21 at 11:44 +0200, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
> Hey Bjørn,
> >>> >> 3) I still wonder how to handle the usb => usbmisc transition.  For now
> >>> >> I've just been searching and replacing, but that is of course not
> >>> >> supportable.  And it isn't really a one-to-one replacement either.
> >>> >> There are places where "usb" actually refer to the subsystem and not the
> >>> >> class.
> >>> >> 
> >>> >> Should "usbmisc" be added as an additional device class, keeping "usb",
> >>> >> or should there be some kernel version checking code there?
> >>> >> 
> >> >
> >> > Can you give me your diff to look at where you did the changes? I guess
> >> > we should try to support both cases, regardless of the kernel version,
> >> > if somehow possible.
> > 
> > This is my diff which is sort of working for me, but I haven't sanity
> > checked it so there are probably errors here:
> I pushed some fixes to the 'qmi-support' branch of ModemManager trying
> to cope with the 'usb'->'usbmisc' transition. Basically, I'm assuming
> that either one or the other may appear, trying to avoid the need for a
> runtime kernel version check. Could you test that in the newest kernels
> with 'usbmisc'? It seems to work ok for the older ones with 'usb'.

I tried searching for the usbmisc stuff but couldn't find much upstream.
What's actually happening here and what devices are affected?  The code
I found looked like drivers for mostly embedded stuff.


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