Re: current state of Pantech 290 support?

>> Maybe nobody have tried it yet. It would be useful to get the test
>> results to see it there are missing parts.
> I'll get working on it, then.
>> Also, even though I had success using mmcli to connect semimaually, it
>> might be easier/better to connect using libqmi support scripts.
> I just read Aleksander's blog post about this. I'll look into using
> qmi-network as well as NM.

Go on with qmi-network from libqmi; NetworkManager doesn't talk to the
new ModemManager yet.

>> Are you able to connect to the internet using PPP or some network
>> interface (wwanX)?
> NetworkManager will connect to the CDMA network (by dialing #777). NM
> doesn't currently have support (as far as I can tell) for connecting to
> the LTE network even over PPP - there is no way to set an APN. But I can
> do that manually with a chat script and pppd as well as a little utility
> for switching the mode.

The qmi-network script accepts a 'profile' to use where you can include
the APN; see latest emails in the libqmi-devel mailing list if
interested. BTW; my original libqmi development was with a Pantech
UML290, so you shouldn't have many problems to get it working.


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