Re: current state of Pantech 290 support?

On Wed 29 Aug 2012 08:14:10 AM EDT, Marius Kotsbak wrote:

Maybe nobody have tried it yet. It would be useful to get the test
results to see it there are missing parts.

I'll get working on it, then.

Also, even though I had success using mmcli to connect semimaually, it
might be easier/better to connect using libqmi support scripts.

I just read Aleksander's blog post about this. I'll look into using qmi-network as well as NM.

Are you able to connect to the internet using PPP or some network
interface (wwanX)?

NetworkManager will connect to the CDMA network (by dialing #777). NM doesn't currently have support (as far as I can tell) for connecting to the LTE network even over PPP - there is no way to set an APN. But I can do that manually with a chat script and pppd as well as a little utility for switching the mode.

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