Re: PATCH / no gsm unlock

On Thu, 2011-09-15 at 17:24 +0200, richter ecos de wrote:
> Hi,
> sometime ago I ask for some way to disable the initial PIN dialog for situations where an automatic UMTS connection should be initiated and the PIN is already saved in the connection.
> Attached is a patch that adds this functionality to nm-applet. It only brings up the initial dialog if a PUK is required, but not if only the PIN is required.

The best solution here is to use the ModemManager "SIM Identifier" (or
if not available the "Device Identifier") properties to recognize the
SIM.  The first time, the applet would pop up the dialog and ask you for
the PIN.  It would save this PIN into the keyring along with the SIM
identifier and device identifier.  Next time you plug the modem in, it
would look in the keyring for the SIM ID and send that PIN to
modem-manager, without showing the dialog.  That's the preferred way of
doing it I think.  Shouldn't be too hard to do, but I've had no time to
do it.

THe problem with the PIN in the connection is that connections can apply
to more than one device, and the connection is independent of the SIM.
The PIN is specific to the SIM.  So if you swap SIM cards and the new
SIM has a different PIN, then NM would try to send the wrong PIN.  Hence
the modifications I did for MM 0.5 that provide a SIM ID and Device ID.


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