Re: DHCP fall back to link-local? (IPv4)

On Tue, 2011-05-24 at 15:23 -0300, José Queiroz wrote:
> Sorry the last reply gone personal.
> Em 24 de maio de 2011 14:15, W. Martin Borgert <debacle debian org>
> escreveu:
>         Quoting "José Queiroz" <zekkerj gmail com>:
>                 It seems to me that this behaviour is handled by
>                 AVAHI.
>         Yes, many thanks! The manual page of avahi-autoipd says:
>         "avahi-autoipd can be used [...] as plugin for a DHCP client
>         such as ISC's dhclient, where it can be used as fallback
>         solution if no DHCP server is found."
>         (
>         Or did you mean that avahi-daemon does handle DHCP?
>         Cheers
> No, AFAIK AVAHI will only handle the assignment of a link-local
> address. DHCP should be handled by dhclient, dhcpcd or pump.
> In fact, I think that if the idea is to reproduce the IPv6 behaviour
> of having a link-local address, AVAHI should assing ll-address even if
> the dhcp client do find a valid server. But this is another
> discussion...

It's something we've discussed before and something that we should do in
conjunction with allowing some addressing to complete before others.
i.e. we already want to allow IPv4 to complete and declare the device
"partially connected" while waiting for IPv6 to complete or time out (or
the other way around) and IPv4 LL could be done while waiting for these
two in the same way.


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