Re: DHCP fall back to link-local? (IPv4)

Sorry the last reply gone personal.

Em 24 de maio de 2011 14:15, W. Martin Borgert <debacle debian org> escreveu:
Quoting "José Queiroz" <zekkerj gmail com>:
It seems to me that this behaviour is handled by AVAHI.

Yes, many thanks! The manual page of avahi-autoipd says:

"avahi-autoipd can be used [...] as plugin for a DHCP client
such as ISC's dhclient, where it can be used as fallback
solution if no DHCP server is found."


Or did you mean that avahi-daemon does handle DHCP?


No, AFAIK AVAHI will only handle the assignment of a link-local address. DHCP should be handled by dhclient, dhcpcd or pump.

In fact, I think that if the idea is to reproduce the IPv6 behaviour of having a link-local address, AVAHI should assing ll-address even if the dhcp client do find a valid server. But this is another discussion...

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