Re: UMTS Device - T Mobile Web And Walk


i think i was wrong with that speculation, the problem is not in the modem-manager AT command stuff. But in the way network-manager gets its ip configuration.

Networkmanager isn't able to query the ip-settigs from the hso network interface.

best regards


Am Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011, 16:40:59 schrieb Aleksander Morgado:

> Hi Harald,


> > > > May 20 14:41:21 ThinClient modem-manager[3764]: <debug>

> > > >

> > > > [mm-at-serial-port.c:298] debug_log(): (ttyHS0): --> 'AT

> > > >

> > > > +CPMS="ME","ME","ME"<CR>'

> >

> > I have removed the CPMS setting from the source code, I don't need any

> > sms support and the AT command caused the modem device to hang. After

> > submitting this command to the device, it isn't possible to

> > communicate via the tty port anymore.


> Could you provide the output of AT+CPMS=? so that we know why the modem

> didn't like the CPMS configuration?


> Also the model string as reported by the modem in AT+CGMM or AT+GMM

> could help to try to look for the appropriate AT command reference.


> > After that i was running into the next problem, it seems that the

> > device is blocked by modem-managers frequent status request. So pppd


> > doesn't come up:

> You mean that the rate of status queries is too high for the modem?

> AFAIK the rate is really several seconds between queries, so I'm not

> sure how this could affect here.

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