Re: UMTS Device - T Mobile Web And Walk

Hi Harald,

> > > May 20 14:41:21 ThinClient modem-manager[3764]: <debug>
> > > [mm-at-serial-port.c:298] debug_log(): (ttyHS0): --> 'AT
> > > +CPMS="ME","ME","ME"<CR>'
> > 
> I have removed the CPMS setting from the source code, I don't need any
> sms support and the AT command caused the modem device to hang. After
> submitting this command to the device, it isn't possible to
> communicate via the tty port anymore.

Could you provide the output of AT+CPMS=? so that we know why the modem
didn't like the CPMS configuration?

Also the model string as reported by the modem in AT+CGMM or AT+GMM
could help to try to look for the appropriate AT command reference.

> After that i was running into the next problem, it seems that the
> device is blocked by modem-managers frequent status request. So pppd
> doesn't come up:

You mean that the rate of status queries is too high for the modem?
AFAIK the rate is really several seconds between queries, so I'm not
sure how this could affect here.


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