Re: How to Test NetworkManager 0.9

Em Sunday 19 June 2011, David Narvaez escreveu:

> On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 10:11 AM, David Narvaez


> <david narvaez computer org> wrote:

> > I'll find that out today about that patch and fix the D-Bus issue

> > which should get me up and running with NM 0.9.


> Hi all, now posting from my laptop with NM 0.9 finally!


> Thanks Dan for pointing me in the direction of the new DBus interface

> for wpa_supplicant.

Good to know.

> Lamarque, I'd like to know if I could reach you through private e-mail

> to clarify some stuff before documenting this process as I think I did

> some extra work that was not needed (at least not in Gentoo-based

> distros).

Ok, you can send them.


Lamarque V. Souza

Linux User #57137 -

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