Re: [Modem Manager] [Patch] Adding LTE devices support to Modem Manager.

Den 07. juli 2011 06:28, skrev Dan Williams:
On Sat, 2011-07-02 at 00:16 +0000, Vikram Kumar wrote:
  Dear Network Manager in,

Please find patch for Modem Manager plugin version 0.4 to support LTE

List of attachments and explanation:

1) ModemManager.patch :  patch file generated using diff.

2) ModemManager.tar:   source file which has newly added files for
Thanks for sending; I'll review.  As noted it probably doesn't apply to
the MM_05 branch (or git master); we're also reworking the D-Bus API for
git master anyway to be more compatible with multi-mode devices.

Are there any official policy of what goes into the MM_xx branch and what into master? It seems quite random back-/forwardporting(/merging). Should new modules go into master?

I want to build my Samsung modemmanager module on top of the general LTE part of this.


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