Re: NetworkManager not reliably starting ethernet interface directly wired between two computers

On Friday 01 of July 2011 23:02:37 Douglas C. MacKenzie wrote:
> I forgot your comment on the carrier.  It just happened again so I
> checked the flag.
> When the p6p1 network interface did not start, the flag was 0,
>     /sys/class/net/p6p1/carrier  = 0
> After I used the commands:
>     ifconfig p6p1 down
>     ifconfig p6p1 up
> the flag turned to 1:
>   /sys/class/net/p6p1/carrier  = 1
> and the interface started.
> So, would a rawhide kernel solve it?  As I said in my long email, this
> is the latest "updates" Fedora 15 kernel,
>  (mockbuild x86-13 phx2 fedoraproject org)
> I just updated the box this morning using yum.
> Doug

I don't know if the issue is solved in Fedora or even upstream. But there is 
an kernel upstream bug:


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