Re: networkmanager-0.8.2 keyfile syslog spam

On Thu, 2011-01-13 at 10:15 -0200, José Queiroz wrote:
> Try to turn off debugging in
> "/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf".
> By the way, which NM version are you using?

I'm thinking about how to fix this better, and it's one of the last
things blocking the 0.8.4 release that I can think of.  In short this is
an unintended side effect of making sure the connection timestamp is
up-to-date, and there are better ways of doing this.

First thought is an sqlite database of connection timestamps for system
connections so that we don't have to write them out, but some places
don't have/want sqlite and thus a more generic solution is a better one.
In this option NM would read connection timestamps from the database and
merge them in when the connection details are read via D-Bus.

Second option is a flatfile somewhere doing the same thing as the first
option, but just not using sqlite.  This can be tricky though.

Third option is to keep writing the timestamp out to the connection, but
to suppress the warning message.  This involves adding a function to
compare two NMConnection objects and returning a list setting keys that
differ.  If the only key that differs is the timestamp then we suppress
the warning message.  There's already a connection compare function in
libnm-util, but it only returns a boolean same/different, not the list
of differing keys.


> 2011/1/13 Leho Kraav <leho kraav com>
>         Hello all
>         Can anyone point out to me why NetworkManager is spamming my
>         syslog with
>         a really useless "updating: <connection-name>" message every 5
>         minutes?
>         Right now I just commented it out, but should this output be
>         moved
>         somewhere more sensible?
>          1 diff --git a/system-settings/plugins/keyfile/plugin.c
>         b/system-settings/plugins/keyfile/plugin.c
>          2 index 27ae0a0..1e0f7af 100644
>          3 --- a/system-settings/plugins/keyfile/plugin.c
>          4 +++ b/system-settings/plugins/keyfile/plugin.c
>          5 @@ -203,7 +203,7 @@ dir_changed (GFileMonitor *monitor,
>          6         break;
>          7     case G_FILE_MONITOR_EVENT_CREATED:
>          9 -       PLUGIN_PRINT (KEYFILE_PLUGIN_NAME, "updating %s",
>         name);
>         10 +       /* PLUGIN_PRINT (KEYFILE_PLUGIN_NAME, "updating %
>         s", name); */
>         11
>         12         if (connection) {
>         13             /* Update */
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