Re: Mobile broadband using HP Elitebook (8440p)

On Fri, 2011-01-14 at 07:54 +0100, Stefan Grosse wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Jan 2011 16:11:58 +0100 Jade Mackay wrote:
> JM> I am running ubuntu lucid on an HP Elitebook 8440p with built-in
> JM> mobile broadband.
> JM> 
> JM> It appears that I cannot setup the device using NetworkManager. Can
> JM> anyone help me out with this?
> This helped me on my Thinkpad I think the Elitebook uses Gobi 2000 as
> well: 
> With Fedora 14 the only thing I had to do was to copy the
> firmware.

Gobi devices require firmware and unfortunately Qualcomm does not allow
the firmware to be redistributed, and thus it cannot be included in
Linux distributions like wifi firmware.  So yeah, you have to copy the
*specific* firmware files for your provider to your Linux install, and
then make sure that the firmware loading utility is already installed
(which you distro should have done for you already even if they don't
ship the firmware itself).  Then when you reboot, the modem should be
visible to NetworkManager.


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