Re: Network Monitor

2011/2/18 Matej Kovacic <matej kovacic owca info>
So the best practical solution is to have network trafic monitor inside
NM. Not only for 3G, also for other types of connections. In could be
very useful to know how much traffic did you have on mobile conection 1,
2, etc., wired connection at home, in the office, how much went it
through VPN, etc.

That would be really great. A 3G quality monitor could also be handy.
Also some other data could be useful to have. For instance how much time
I have been using one connection and the other. And maybe also time and
traffic "profile" (when I was online / transferring data) - please see
attached mockup picture.

It could also be done that would be able to select/deselect connections
with clicking to the legend, and the data on the graph would then cnahge

Sorry, I don't want to burden you too much, I am just givin some ideas.

I understand this requires a database, and that is not so simple to do.
But I think features like that give NM and Linux in general exactly that
"marketing advantage" it needs.

Maybe RRD?

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