Re: Network Monitor

Le 15/02/2011 18:53, Matej Kovacic a écrit :
> I am using 3G mobile connection, and have limited traffic. Traffic over
> some treshold (for instance 1 Gb a month) is very very expensive.
> Which means there would be great to have some network traffic monitor
> for a specific connection. Something like:
> Idea is to have per-connection traffic monitor, which could be enabled
> or disabled. When enabled, it would measure amount of traffic for a
> specific time interval. When limit will be approaching, it would start
> notifying user about the limit. When limit is reached, it would
> disconnect connection.

I am not an NM developer but if I had to implement this I would rather
make netramon and NetworkManager talk to each other using D-BUS rather
than re-implementing netramon (or else) inside NetworkManager.

From the NetworkManager side I guess that most of the required D-BUS
API is already there.

See also:

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