Re: Network Monitor

2011/2/18 Marc Herbert <Marc Herbert gmail com>
Le 17/02/2011 18:16, Stuart D Gathman a écrit :
> Le 15/02/2011 18:53, Matej Kovacic a écrit :
>>> I am using 3G mobile connection, and have limited traffic. Traffic over
>>> some treshold (for instance 1 Gb a month) is very very expensive.

> That 3G provider is missing the boat, business wise. [...]

Agreed, but most of the other providers (which catch the boat) still
charge volume one way or the other. Even when they keep saying
"unlimited". So monitoring usage is useful in any case.

Sorry the offtopic (and sorry the personal message, Mark)

In my country, almost all the 3G operators are doing the same, in some different ways. The one I use (Tim Brasil) have this plan called "Infinity Web" that gives me 4GiB of traffic per mount. After the user pass this limit, the connection drops to 100Kbps. And the swear that the connection is "unlimited", just because it doesn't charges for the additional traffic. ::)

And even with this nonsense, it's one of the best plans --- the other operators have even worse conditions.

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