Re: Specifying an IPv6 suffix

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Sure, but in IPv4 there is no implicit tie from the hardware MAC address
> to the IP address; you have to arp to see who has it.

IPv6 has an equivalent to ARP and does NOT necessarily assume a tie
between MAC and IP. This is not a real "tie" but just a default setting
for convenience.

> Also, if you change the physical hardware (get a new MAC address)
> you can still get the same IP address assigned to you.  So the IPv4
> address is *NOT* tied to the Mac (hardware) address.

You can still have all this in IPv6 just the same if you want. IPv6
has (finally...) ADDED new convenient configuration features to avoid
all this mess, but if you enjoyed all this good old manual
configuration complexity in IPv4 then it is still there for you in
IPv6. No such "feature" has been removed. And you can even have both
at the same time (I mean: multiple addresses). If you want to ignore
the great new autoconfiguration features of IPv6, no problem you can
still do everything the IPv4 way.

> I believe that Robert is asking for similar functionality in NM's
> support for v4.

Robert has still not clearly explained his network configuration. If
he was using a static IPv4 address, then he can have it in IPv6 just
the same. If he was using DHCPv4, then he can have DHCPv6 just the

> I want to control the IPv6 suffix for my interfaces and let the
> prefix be set with RA.

Doing this in IPv4 was just as difficult, maybe even more. And it is
useless in any case since it breaks the DNS.

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