Re: Specifying an IPv6 suffix

Marc Herbert <marc herbert gmail com> writes:

> 2010/11/5 Robert Moskowitz <rgm htt-consult com>:
>> It is the principle of the thing.  Yes, if I am changing my prefix I have to
>> change the DNS.  But if I am only changing the hardware, why am I having to
>> change the DNS?
> Because IPv4 and IPv6 addresses point to network interfaces, not
> hosts. Unlike DECNet addresses for instance.

Sure, but in IPv4 there is no implicit tie from the hardware MAC address
to the IP address; you have to arp to see who has it.  Also, if you
change the physical hardware (get a new MAC address) you can still get
the same IP address assigned to you.  So the IPv4 address is *NOT* tied
to the Mac (hardware) address.

I believe that Robert is asking for similar functionality in NM's
support for v4.

Unfortunately I'm not at the IETF this week so I cannot go ask people
myself on Bob's behalf.


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