Re: Specifying an IPv6 suffix

On 11/05/2010 10:43 AM, Marc Herbert wrote:
Le 04/11/2010 18:02, Robert Moskowitz a écrit :
I want to control the IPv6 suffix for my interfaces and let the prefix
be set with RA.

Currently I can either have the RA prefix with the MAC address for the
suffix, or I can specify a complete IPv6 address (and gateway) and
ignore RA (doing this manually in the ifcfg-eth0 file as I don't see how
to do this with Network manager).

The first approach causes problems with DNS if I change the interface.
Do you change the network interface that often? Updating the DNS once
in a while does not look like a huge burden.

It is the principle of the thing. Yes, if I am changing my prefix I have to change the DNS. But if I am only changing the hardware, why am I having to change the DNS?
You could force the old MAC address on the new interface. Of course if
you still use the old interface elsewhere you will be in trouble.

The old mapping of MAC addresses has always been old from the days that I was dealing with this back on 3COM 501C cards and SUN servers.

The second approach causes problems if I change the network prefix.
... and you still have the same DNS problem in this case, right?

If you are changing prefixes, there are LOTs of things in DNS that are impacted. It is a pain; I have done it for IPv4 (but not for a few years). But much of IPv6 was to 'automate' readdressing for the systems. So we have the ability to use MAC addresses as part of the address. What I am saying is to add flexiblity so that other suffixes can be use.

You seem to have an incredibly dynamic network environment, can you
give more details about it?

PS: this does not look specific to IPv6

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