Re: Reboot for password to work

Yes, it haves an additional cost. No pain, no gain ;)

But the authentication server may be set up by an automated script, or part of an installation process. And once installed, it may work with little maintenance. It may also work authenticating 802.1x wired connections, composing a bigger, complete, solution.

2010/3/19 Simon Geard <delgarde ihug co nz>
On Fri, 2010-03-19 at 01:04 -0300, José Queiroz wrote:

> AES authenticate pairs of (user,password) against an authentication
> server --- RADIUS, TACACS+, etc ---, in a way that if your costumer
> don't pay another 15-minute session, you can log it off just
> invalidating his/her username, without messing with the other users.

Which has the downside of requiring an authentication server, and
someone who knows how to maintain it. PSK works out of the box with the
cheap access point bought from the local electronics store, and can be
administered by a cafe owner with a minimum of technical knowledge...


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