Re: ['N-M is not allowed to own the service "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager"']

>On 07/02/2010 02:21 AM, ddreamer ms93 url com tw wrote:
>> Sorry for replying late. Somehow, I didn't receive the messages. I found
>> messages following my original one only after I viewed the archive by topic.
>Hmm, are you subscribed to this list?  I'm in the habit of using "reply
>to list", so the message was sent only to the mailing list.  (I'll want
>to reconsider this habit.)

I am kind of newbie to mailing list. May I ask how to "reply to list"?
Did you mean replying to "networkmanager-list gnome org" in e-mail client software?
That is what I did.

>I think Dan William's suggestion should do it for you; I've recently run
>into the same bug myself, and I've also found that forcing dbus to
>reload its config files is a workaround.
>So, in summary:
> -) Undo the edits to /etc/dbus-1/NetworkManager.conf
> -) run sudo reload dbus
> -) run sudo start network-manager
>And you should be set. HTH!

After doing the above, the daemon of "NetworkManager" can be activated. That is the good news.
However, the nm-applet icon just disppeared after reboot. I am sure that notification area is enabled
because the three short lines just having appeared to the left to the nm-applet icon remained there.
What can I do next? Or what additional information should I provide to you?

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