Re: ['N-M is not allowed to own the service "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager"']

On 07/02/2010 02:21 AM, ddreamer ms93 url com tw wrote:
> Sorry for replying late. Somehow, I didn't receive the messages. I found
> messages following my original one only after I viewed the archive by topic.

Hmm, are you subscribed to this list?  I'm in the habit of using "reply
to list", so the message was sent only to the mailing list.  (I'll want
to reconsider this habit.)

> I have replaced three "deny" by "allow", which were marked at the end of the
> line as "#deny". Supposedly, strings following "#" will be ignored as
> remark.
> Here is the file content of NetworkManager.conf:

OK, so it looks the security config was installed correctly, so that's
not the issue.  I'd actually advise that you undo the changes you made,

 1) The file already contains all the security exceptions that are
needed, the additional exceptions you added are not necessary (and are
actually risky).

 2) While a '#' does indeed denote a "remark" in many file formats, this
does not apply to DBus config files.  These files are XML files, and XML
comments take the following form:
  <!-- comment text -->
Thus, the "remarks" you added are invalid syntax, and so dbus won't load
the file.  This definitely will cause problems.

I think Dan William's suggestion should do it for you; I've recently run
into the same bug myself, and I've also found that forcing dbus to
reload its config files is a workaround.

So, in summary:
 -) Undo the edits to /etc/dbus-1/NetworkManager.conf
 -) run sudo reload dbus
 -) run sudo start network-manager

And you should be set. HTH!

Good luck,

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