Network-manager not listing all networks

I have two wifi routers. If I stand next to the main one with my
laptop I can connect and access the internet no problem. The other
router is in my office, and the bridging is messed up, so while I see
the essid and bssid using 'iwlist scanning' and nm-tool, I can't
connect to it. I should mention that the essid's are the same.

Now, my main router's signal still reaches to my office, just not as
strong as the borked router in my office. I need to be able to connect
to my main router while in the office. I added entries for both in
network-manager, but it doesn't show them in the list when I left
click the tray icon! How the do I connect to the network I want?

Thanks for reading, look forward to getting this worked out..


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