Re: Re-scanning for available devices/connections after failure

I have the logs from another machine that had a similar issue today.

On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 14:02, Daenyth Blank <daenyth gmail com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I came to the list earlier asking what card would be the best for a
> remote deployment and ended up following your suggestion of the Sierra
> 598U, and I'm having a small issue with the card sometimes. Yesterday
> one of the deployed machines went offline and didn't reconnect until
> rebooted. When I examined the logs, networkmanager seemed to think
> that the card had become disconnected, then tried to reload it,
> failed, and then stayed offline from there. It's actually offline
> again right now so I can't provide much of the logs. Here's some that
> may be slightly out of order pulled from my scrollback:
> Since these machines are remotely deployed, it's not always possible
> to manually trigger a reconnect. What options do I have if NM doesn't
> attempt to automatically reconnect? Currently I'm thinking I might put
> in a cron job that will check connectivity and restart nm if not
> connected. Is there a cleaner way to make it re-scan for available
> devices/connections?
> Thanks,

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