Re: vpnc works from command line but not from Network Manager.

On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 6:15 AM, Maffitt, David <maffittd mir wustl edu> wrote:
> Using NetworkManager Applet on fedora 13 with vpnc 0.5.3
> vpnc works (I can ping machines on the private network) if I sudo from the command line and enter config info at prompts.
> Running from the applet appears to connect (I get the banner message in pop-up window indicating I've connected), but I cannot ping on the private network). running 'ps ax | grep vpnc' returns
> /usr/libexec/nm-vpnc-service
> /usr/sbin/vpnc --non-inter --no-detach -
> any ideas? debugging tips?

    * killall -TERM nm-vpnc-service
    * in a root terminal, run

VPNC_DEBUG=1 /usr/libexec/nm-vpnc-service

    * start your VPN connection
    * reproduce the problem
    * send the nm-vpnc-service output to the developers

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