Re: net manager wireless disabled

sheltraw berkeley edu wrote:
Hi Tony

Thanks for the info. Similar bugs have been reported to Ubuntu and
there oddly appears to be no fix yet.

That's because it's not a single bug. First, there are many brands of Wi-Fi cards each requiring different drivers. This is then compounded by the fact the various OEMs wire their platforms differently... thus operation of kill switches is dependent on Wi-Fi driver + platform ( and possibly platform driver ).

When you report a bug using "ubuntu-bug", information is gathered from your particular machine which can help developers determine your particular problem.

"rfkill list" tells me that wireless LAN is hard blocked. Do you
know how to unblock?

Hard-blocked means that a hardware kill switch has been enabled. You should check to see if there's an obvious kill switch that you can disable on your machine. If not, then it's probably an issue with the Wi-Fi driver and/or platform driver.

With respect to the HW kill switch, you might want to check the OEM's manual for your specific model.

Hope this helps!


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