Re: net manager wireless disabled

Hi Tony

Thanks for the info. Similar bugs have been reported to Ubuntu and
there oddly appears to be no fix yet.

"rfkill list" tells me that wireless LAN is hard blocked. Do you
know how to unblock?

Thanks again

> sheltraw berkeley edu wrote:
>> Hi folks
>> When I click the Network Manager Icon (Ubuntu 9.10) it says:
>> Wired Networks
>>  device not managed
>> Wireless Networks
>>  wireless is disabled
>> I did not disable wireless and I have no idea why the wired network
>> would not
>> be managed by NetworkManager. How do I enable wireless and manage wired
>> as
>> well?
> Have you reported a bug to Ubuntu?
> Wireless disabled usually means a kill switch is active.  You can check
> the status of the system's kill switches by opening a terminal and
> running the command "rfkill list".
> Not sure about the Wired Networks without seeing more information about
> your system ( that's why reporting a bug is a better avenue than this
> list ).
> Regards,
> /tony

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