Re: Augmenting mobile-broadband-provider-info

On Thu, 2010-01-21 at 17:59 +0100, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, den 20.01.2010, 16:02 -0600 schrieb Denis Kenzior:
> > I've seen this happen on
> > the Freerunner.  Immediately after registering COPS returns
> > "Cingular", 5 minutes later it will return "AT&T".
> Yes, if the EONS tables are complete and not damaged (seen that a lot on
> various SIMs), it will transparently transform MCCMNC using this info.
> > Ultimately the SIM is the one to trust here, not COPS or any other
> > combination of COPS/CREG, etc.
> > Much of the COPS/CREG information can be ultimately overridden by the
> > contents of the SIM
> > elementary files like EFspn, EFspdi, EFehplmn, EFehplmnpi, EFpnn,
> > EFopl, etc.  Of course various
> > stacks / modems get this right in varying degrees of correctness.
> Right, still having a fallback in the database for modems which do not
> allow to use of any alphanumerical information would be much
> appreciated, i.e. do we agree that
> s/mobile-broadband-provider-info/mobile-provider-info/g would be
> feasible?

I don't mind adding more information like marking WAP APNs, per-APN
proxies, SMS center, MMS, etc.  We'll need to extend the schema but
that's easy enough.

WRT substituting provider names in COPS responses when the modem doesn't
have the name, the best I think we can do is back-map the MCC/MNC to a
list of providers, or query the SIM for more correct information.


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