Re: Augmenting mobile-broadband-provider-info

Am Mittwoch, den 20.01.2010, 16:02 -0600 schrieb Denis Kenzior:
> I've seen this happen on
> the Freerunner.  Immediately after registering COPS returns
> "Cingular", 5 minutes later it will return "AT&T".

Yes, if the EONS tables are complete and not damaged (seen that a lot on
various SIMs), it will transparently transform MCCMNC using this info.

> Ultimately the SIM is the one to trust here, not COPS or any other
> combination of COPS/CREG, etc.
> Much of the COPS/CREG information can be ultimately overridden by the
> contents of the SIM
> elementary files like EFspn, EFspdi, EFehplmn, EFehplmnpi, EFpnn,
> EFopl, etc.  Of course various
> stacks / modems get this right in varying degrees of correctness.

Right, still having a fallback in the database for modems which do not
allow to use of any alphanumerical information would be much
appreciated, i.e. do we agree that
s/mobile-broadband-provider-info/mobile-provider-info/g would be


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