Re: Connection sharing with WPA/WPA2

>> I wanted to inform you that I was able to share my connection with WEP64 but
>> not WPA/WPA2.
>> I am connecting my Ipod Touch 2nd generation to my notebook (ath5k based
>> WLAN card, Ubuntu Karmic) which is connected to the internet via UMTS
>> (Huawei E220, "option" kernel module).
>> It works with WEP64 encryption but not with WPA/WPA2 encryption.
>> Is that problem known?
>> I would be happy to provide more information (lsmod, log messages, etc).
>> Should I file a bug?
>> If so, where (Launchpad, Gnome, Fedora)?

Am 17.01.2010 17:58, schrieb Quintin Beukes:
The type of encryption shouldn't make a difference to sharing ability.
It's 2 completely differently networking layers.

Though, how are you sharing it? Are you building custom firewall
rules, or using some automated sharing via a configuration option?

No, very simple: Plug in UMTS Stick and WLAN Pcmcia card, connect mobile broadband via NetworkManager and then create a new WLAN network also via NetworkManager like it is explained in .
It automatically adds DNS forwarding via dnsmasq (,I guess).

And, how I said, it works with WEP64 but not with with WPA.


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