No user settings service available

After updating to 0.8.2, NetworkManager pretty much stopped working
entirely.  When I plug in the ethernet cord or my the phone via usb
(with dhcpcd server running on it), nothing happens - NetworkManager
shows that they are plugged in, but doesn't conntect to them
automatically like it used to.

When I try to connect to a wireless signal using the nm-applet,
nothing happens either and I get the following in the console:

<WARN> activate_connection_cb(): Connection activation failed: No user
settings service available.

The following page:  explains
the removal of user settings service, but does not explain anything

I'm running Slackware64 13.1 here.  Anybody else ran into similar issues?

Alex Lysenka
B.S. in Computer Science
B.S. in Management & Information Systems
Northern Illinois University
alysenka niu edu

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