Re: nm-applet and Sugar -- control conflict over d-bus

On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 6:44 AM, Jirka Klimes <jklimes redhat com> wrote:
> "Enable networking" in nm-applet and other user programs should use new method
> "Enable" instead of "Sleep".

Spot on. That's what's happening also on our F11 builds.

> However, cnetworkmanager is not updated and still uses "Sleep" method.
> Actually, Martin Vidner obsoletes cnetworkmanager in favour of nmcli

Trivial patch attached anyway -- it's been useful to test.

Thanks for the link to proper dbus debugging configuration. It's
exactly what we were missing.

With eavesdropping set correctly, then the trick is to say

  dbus-monitor --system

and there we get to see all the messages from nm-applet and others
targetting NM.


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