Re: nm-applet and Sugar -- control conflict over d-bus

On Monday 13 of December 2010 23:49:33 Martin Langhoff wrote:
> Hi list,
> we're working on some issues in how we handle the network between
> Sugar and Gnome sessions, and we're finding something unexpected.
> If we "disable networking" (sleep) from nm-applet , we cannot wake NM
> up from Sugar, and vice-versa.
> Easier to test: if we're in a Gnome session, if we put NM to sleep
> from nm-applet, we cannot wake it up from cnetworkmanager. This is on
> F11, NM 0.7.
> Is this expected -- perhaps an aspect of dbus that has eluded me before?
> BTW, is there a good recipe on how to monitor dbus method calls sent
> from nm-applet and similar? I have my dbus setup allowing
> eavesdropping, but that doesn't seem to be enough to see those
> messages.
> thanks!

Not sure what would be cause on F11 and NM 0.7.

But in NM 0.8 there was a change of "Enable networking" feature some 
weeks/months ago. The change is that original "Sleep" method is now only used 
for suspending and is protected via polkit to be available just for root.
"Enable networking" in nm-applet and other user programs should use new method 
"Enable" instead of "Sleep".
However, cnetworkmanager is not updated and still uses "Sleep" method. 
Actually, Martin Vidner obsoletes cnetworkmanager in favour of nmcli, see
The table is already a bit outdated, though.

cnetworkmanager -o true
calls Sleep method as I can see in
dbus-monitor --system  output:
method call sender=:1.135 -> dest=:1.1 serial=4 
interface=org.freedesktop.NetworkManager; member=Sleep
   boolean false
error sender=:1.1 -> dest=:1.135 
error_name=org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.AlreadyAsleepOrAwake reply_serial=4
   string "Already awake"

(You probably don't have eavesdropping enabled correctly or you are not 
monitoring system bus.
This tutorial should work:

The correct way to enable networking via nmcli is 'nmcli nm enable true'. Oh, 
now I see that 'enable' has been added after 0.8.1 (on 17.9.) and not 
available in F14 yet (try

Also, networkmanagement applet in KDE has been updated and works with the new 
Enable method.


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