Re: Automatic 6to4 for network-manager

On Tue, 17 Nov 2009, Dan Williams wrote:

Sure. just if the user changes it, I hope the corresponding ifcfg files are
updated as well so other tools don't break. Current release of
system-config-network-tui is already broken on RHEL for not supporting the
various ipv6 options the initscripts support. I'd rather not make it worse.

Yup, the ifcfg-rh plugin should already do that for connections
supported by NetworkManager.  system-config-network is not being
actively developed anymore with new features; effort is being directed
into nm-connection-editor instead.

Does nm-connection-editor have an "export" and "import" function? That's what
I use system-config-network-tui for. So I don't have to hunt down and backup
various /etc/sysconfig files and do complicated restored. I just run
system-config-network-tui > backup and run that file back into system-config-network-tui
to restore.


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