Re: NM before login?

Dans son message du lundi 11/05/09 à 11:04, Dan Williams a écrit:
> > If it is possible,
> > what are the steps one must take to implement this?
> > (I'm running Fedora-10 with KDE.)
> This is provided by the nm-system-settings service.  You'll want to grab
> the NM from F-10 updates-testing:

Those have pushed to regular updates, haven't they ? I have on my F10-kde
which are the same names as on the webpage you give.
> and after a reboot, you should be able to use the connection editor to
> mark your wifi connections as "Available to all users", which means they
> will be available before login.

I ran nm-connection-editor, and when I select one of my connections (wired
or wireless) and hit the Edit button, a window opens and right at the
bottom, there is a checkbox titled "Available to all users".

Unfortunately, this checkbox is grayed out and cannot be checked!

It makes sense, as I might not have enough privilege to do so; I tried
"sudo nm-connection-editor", but then I don't see the networks defined by
my normal user. I tried to create a phony connection as root, but even
then the checkbox remains grayed out.

What am I missing ?


	Éric Brunet

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