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I am currently having issues with Network Manager. Whenever I unplug the ethernet cable Network Manager picks up on the fact it is disconnected. Then it tries to connect to whatever wifi connections I have setup. This works properly. The issue I am running into is whenever I plug back in the active network cable Network Manager continues to see the ethernet card as disconnected. I have to either restart Network Manager or at least uncheck Enable Networking and recheck it in the Network Manager menu. Only after I do that does Network Manager reconnect to the active ethernet connection… I have tried googleing for info on this issue but have come up with nada… Any help you could provide would be great. Also, I have setup Network Manager on this machine to use a globally configured network config file stored in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections. The config file is setup properly and it does work just fine. It just seems that NM stops polling for a change in the eth0 device once I unplug it.


Jonathan Hooker

Desktop Support – Engineering (Linux)

Garmin International

Jonathan Hooker Garmin com

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