Misc points about network manager

Hi all,

Just joined the list to discuss a few things about Network Managers

First, I have been working some with MacOS X, and the network detection
in MacOS X is some 10-100 times faster than what Network Manager
performs. I believe it should be possible also for a GNU/Linux system to
detect and sign in to a network with that speed. Is this something that
has been discussed previously?

Next, I run Ubuntu (now 9.04, used to be 8.10 and back) with NM
0.7.1~rc4.1.cf199a964-0ubuntu2 (from apt). At leas in this (and previous
Ubuntu versions) the manager looses memory of what connection to select.
That is, when I move my laptop from work to home often NM does not
understand that it should connect to my home wireless instead of my
office Ethernet. Also the opposite is true. Also for wireless networks
that I use seldom (e.g. at my brothers place) the WEP key is lost
between sessions, so I have to re-enter it.

Are these issues that are being worked on or is it new things in
connection to NM?

Robert Rehammar

Robert Rehammar
0738-32 88 34

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