Question in function nm_device_state_changed()

Hi all,
     I have a question about the NetworkManager-0.7.1 codes.
     In NetworkManager-0.7.1/src/nm-device.c:

void nm_device_state_changed (NMDevice *device,
                         NMDeviceState state,
                         NMDeviceStateReason reason)
    // Here the fifth parameter is set to 0. I think it should be set to "reason" so that the receiver of the signal "state-changed" can do 
    // something special base on the "state change reason". e.g. When "NM_DEVICE_STATE_DISCONNECTED" state signaled, if
    // the reason is "NM_DEVICE_STATE_REASON_USER_REQUESTED" then we do not schedule auto connect in
    // NetworkManagerPolicy.c device_state_changed() or
    // set a flag in device-related device_state_changed() and reload the can_activate() function to check this flag.
    g_signal_emit_by_name (device, "state-changed", state, old_state, 0);

If I'm wrong, please point out. Thanks!

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