NetworkManager and Dell 5530

Apologies if this is too distro-specific for this list, but I'm
reasonably sure it's an upstream issue ...

I've just updated from,




and my Dell 5530 (aka Ericsson F3705g) has stopped working.

With the earlier release NetworkManager would recognize four devices
(/dev/ttyUSB[0,2,4,10]) as having GSM modem capabilities and the NM
applet would consequently present four mobile broadband devices to
connect with. Of these only /dev/ttyUSB2 and /dev/ttyUSB4 appeared to
actually correspond to the modem, but selecting the the NM applet menu
entries in turn would very reliably produce a functional connection
and ppp session.

With the more recent release the same four devices are detected, but
only one menu entry is presented, which always seems to correspond to
the device's GPS capability on /dev/ttyUSB10 and consequently
NetworkManager always fails attempting to use the device as a modem.

So two questions ...

* What information can I provide to help get this device supported properly?

* Is there a temporary workaround I can use which would allow me to
short-circuit the modem probe and force NetworkManager to choose a
particular device?



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