Connecting with eMobile D02HW

Greetings, and I hope this is the correct forum to ask this
question... I searched the archives and only found a few slightly
related mentions of eMobile, but no answer to my question. The kinds
of questions seems relevant, however, so:

Background: My eMobile connection uses a D02HW that connects via the
USB port. It works well with Windows (which I hate using), and I can
connect in Ubuntu Ibix 8.10 with pon and poff using instructions
such as these (in the second section):

However, I want to make it work via the NetworkManager Applet
(0.7.0) on my old ThinkPad X30. So far it recognizes the device and
I modified the preexisting (Vodafone) connection, but when I try to
connect with NetworkManager, it just tries and then disconnects.
Where can I control the other settings in the /etc/ppp/peers
parameter file? In particular, I think I need the noauth setting,
but NetworkManager rejects my attempts to do it graphically...

My ultimate goal is to share the connection on my home network
(which I'm currently doing with ICS--but I still hate Windows).

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