Re: NetworkManager integrated with ModemManager

Would that be the case with other kind of devices as well?

I have used ppp chat scripts and wvdial earlier for Bluetooth
connections, but have not tried any of that lately (got a PCMCIA card
that Just Works! Thanks for that Dan!).

I have through the years tested IR, USB, serial, Bluetooth and even
WLAN connections between a phone and a GNU/Linux machine (mainly
Ubuntu since 2005, debian and FC before that) and have tested all the
software that I could find (Vodaphone, Wader, UMTSmon, ppp, wvdial,

How can I help?

I got contacts that could help us with devices to test.

I really like to see all kind of modem support available
out-of-the-box through NM, even Bluetooth devices.

These are exciting times!


Rubén Romero

2009/2/9, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>:
> On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 15:32 +0200, Tambet Ingo wrote:
>> On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 15:14, Darren Albers <dalbers gmail com> wrote:
>> >> With ModemManager will the workarounds have to be done in the code or
>> >> is there some method that an end-user can drop chat script in to
>> >> ModemManager?   For example I have a Blackberry that I tether using
>> >> Barry and it has a non-standard method of creating a serial port.   I
>> >> would like to help get this working but I am not much of a developer.
>> The workarounds are implemented in ModemManager as plugins in C. I
>> find it hilarious how people miss having to know AT commands by heart
>> and to be required to enter them to get their modem connected. I
>> understand it could be the only way to get your modem connected, but
>> that problem should be fixed by developers, not by users. Sort of the
>> point of whole NM, to make things just work.
>> All that said...  I've been planning to write a ModemManager plugin
>> that does exactly that, but not to torture people, but to make it
>> easier for them to contribute back - if we can see which commands are
>> required for certain modem, we can do that in ModemManager.
> Ugh; as long as we make it clear it's for debugging and not actually
> supported for general use or anything.
>> > Ahh I think I see now, so we would need to write an interface to
>> > something like wvdial or even direct to Barry for this to work?
>> While it's possible to use anything (like wvdial, barry), it usually
>> doesn't make much sense (other than for testing). There can be exactly
>> one DBus service that provides ModemManager API so the distro can not
>> ship the hack which only works with your modem (so you'll never have
>> an works-out-of-box solution).
> For the blackberry stuff specifically, I'd recommend that a ModemManager
> plugin be written using libbarry that basically does what the barry ppp
> stuff does internally.  PIN unlocking and such has to be handled through
> libbarry, and much of the communication with the device is handled
> through libbarry  too, not necessarily through the serial port.
> This would be the right way to do it, not a hack like using wvdial or
> barry utils themselves.
> Dan
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