NetworkManager integrated with ModemManager


I'm pleased to announce the git master branch of NetworkManager now
uses ModemManager for all operations with modems (discovery,
connecting, disconnecting, ...). Get the latest ModemManager from

or clone it from


ModemManager is used only if available using DBus, so it's not a build
time dependency (reduces ~1000 lines of 'bloat' when you don't need
modems). If this change broke modem connections for you, please enable
ModemManager debugging (either by sending SIGUSR1 to 'modem-manger'
process or by running it with --debug), try to activate the modem and
when it fails, send the ModemManager debug output to the list. One of
the main reasons for ModemManager is to make it easy to add modem
specific workarounds for specific modems but if you don't share your
failures, they never make it to the releases.

It also means you can write your own ModemManager implementation by
having just two DBus methods (see
'org.freedesktop.ModemManager.Modem.Simple' from ModemManager for more
information). An interface to 'umtsmon' anyone? wvdial? comgt? Your
favorite tool can now be integrated with stock NetworkManager!


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